2016 Spring Season is Closing In

It is now February, which means we are just a couple months from Spring Baseball. We are currently preparing for our upcoming Spring seasons. This year we are offering Baseball at 4 levels.

Mustang – 3rd/4th Grade
Bronco – 5th/6th Grade
Pony – 7th/8th Grade [Recreational 9th graders who DID NOT make a high school program can play]
Colt – 9th/10th/11th Grade

Mustang, Bronco, and Pony will begin in mid/late April – with the regular season running through early June. Followed by a post-season playoff. We will also have Summer leagues for these three age groups that take place in late June, throughout July, and into the first days of August.

The Colt League will begin in early June and will play through the end of July.

If your community is interested in participating in the NSYBA for 2016 for the first time – please contact Mases Hagopian – mases26@gmail.com