NSYBA Fall Ball Leagues, Dates, and FAQ

What are the Age Groups for Fall Ball?

Fall Ball is the transitional season. Age groups are broken up by school grade, based on the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.

Pinto – 1st/2nd Grade***
Mustang – 3rd/4th Grade
Bronco – 5th/6th Grade
Pony – 7th/8th – (Can roster up to two 9th graders)
Colt – 9th/10th – (Can roster up to two 11th graders)
Palomino – 11th/12th/CollegeFresh

***At the Pinto age group – Park Ridge Baseball runs a league for 1st graders and a league for 2nd graders. You can register at the Park Ridge Website.


When Does the Fall Ball Season Start and Finish?

-OPENING WEEKEND August 25th – August 27th. (Teams that want to start after Labor Day CAN).

-Regular Season ends – October 13th – October 15th weekend.

-Weekend Tournament – October 20th – October 22nd. [Following week is the rain-out weekend]


Is this a Travel or All-Star League?

For Pony league and younger, we are purely a house-league program. While some teams have a group of travel players on them, we do not have full-time or even part-time travel teams playing in the NSYBA.

If you have a full-time travel team and are looking for a place to play, we work with Glenview Baseball. They run travel leagues at the 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, and 14u levels – on some of the nicest fields around.

For Colt and Palomino, it is a mixture of teams.


Do I have to register through a particular park district or Baseball program, or can I sign up as a full team?

It depends. Generally speaking, for all teams at the Pony and younger levels. Teams sign up through their respective programs, (Wilmette Baseball, Skokie Indians Little League, Park Ridge Baseball, etc…) However, we occasionally get teams that have a full roster of players and want to register as a team. If this is the case, please contact me directly at mases26@gmail.com. This is determined on a case by case basis.


How many Games Will We Play?

Fall Ball at the Mustang and Bronco levels is an 8-game season, plus a single elimination tournament.

Pony, Colt, and Palomino will play 10-games, plus a single elimination tournament.


What Days of the Week will we play?

For Fall Ball – we almost exclusively play Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We will rarely, and only if teams are available, play a few one-off weekday night games at fields with lights.


What if we don’t have a home field during the Summer?

This is not a problem. Some parks get taken over by Football during the Fall and have little to no availability. We can work with you on this and you’ll just play all your games away, or at adjacent communities if possible. This should not be a deterrent from playing in the Fall League.


How Much Does it Cost to Play?

FREE – as with all of our Leagues, there is no cost to play Fall Ball. Home teams/communities provide their own home fields, umpires, and game balls.