The Summer Colt league is primarily for kids that are just finishing 9th/10th grade. The league consists of some players which are concurrent high-school baseball players, some who just played Freshmen baseball, or others who just transitioned from Pony Baseball. The league consists of teams from the Northern Suburbs, Northwest Suburbs, West Suburbs, and parks within the city of Chicago. The Summer season begins in early June and runs through the end of July. Teams play an unbalanced schedule with teams being required to play a minimum of 12 games, while other teams can play 20+ league sanctioned games if they desire to do so.

The Fall Colt League runs from late August, through mid-October, concluding with an end of season weekend tournament the second to last weekend in October. Our Fall Ball program is our transition season. For Colt, this will consist of incoming Freshmen and Sophomores for the new school year.

Note: While the league is primarily for 9th/10th graders, some recreational level 11th grade players can play with the commissioners approval.