The Pony division is primarily for kids that are in 7th/8th grade. The Spring Season  involves local community teams from the north suburbs, northwest suburbs, west suburbs, and northwest part of Chicago. These consist of community ‘house-league’ level of teams with a few community travel players sprinkled in. Starting in late April, the regular season concludes in early June, followed by a championship tournament that runs into mid/late June.

The Pony Summer Ball Season consists of ‘house-league’ teams, from as far north as Lake Forest and as far south as some Chicago Park Districts. We play an unbalanced schedule, allowing teams of equal abilities to play each other often to encourage quality baseball games. The season begins the last of June and goes until the first days of August. It is concluded with an optional participation championship tournament. The start date of the season is very loose and it is common for some teams to begin in late June, and others to begin in mid-July, depending on when their Spring house league ends.

The Pony Fall Ball Seasons consists of ‘house-league’ teams, from near north-suburban communities, along with some near western-suburban communities. Teams play 2 games per week, with almost all games taking place on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The league runs from late August through mid-October, concluding with a weekend single elimination championship tournament.